QA Test Cases

What is a test case in Software Testing?

Developing a mobile application or a website is a prerequisite for a business these days. With the internet breaking all horizons, it is imperative to have your own website and mobile application to woo your clients. This helps to reach out more and more people around the world.

Well, usually we are unaware of various technical processes that are involved in the making of a mobile application or website. Constructing a Test case is one such process. Whenever we develop a mobile application or in general, software, we tend to test it before making it available for public use. We create an environment where we check out how accurately the software works. This improves the quality of the software.

Talking about the benefits of testing your application, we can draw a long list. To name a few we can improve the design, appearance, accuracy, and speed of your application. Customers expect a perfectly working application. This can only be ensured with a strong testing mechanism.

A test case pertains to certain stages which are necessary for the process to be brought to conclusion. These stages are-

Requirement analysis – At this stage, we study what areas can be tested. Figuring out the tests that should be performed like functional, security or performance. Also, this stage involves defining test priorities.

Test planning- Here we plan the whole test process. We calculate the total cost involved, selecting the testing tools, determining the risk involved in the process. A strategy will be created to carry on the process further.

Test case development – At this stage the testing team writes down the test cases. Test data is prepared which is used in the execution of the test case.

Environment set up- The hardware requirement is analyzed to set up the environment.

Test execution – Once everything is at place, test case is executed. Reports are generated which disclose the status of the test such as passed, failed, blocked etc. This phase reports the defects, if any.

Test cycle closure – Test metrics and test closure report is prepared that defines the types of defects and their severity.


These laborious stages seem to consume an era!
But you need not take pains for creating and preparing test cases of your mobile app. Companies like Just Test Cases are at your service. You can outsource your task of creating test cases to the professionals out there. Years of experience and skills of these experts can put your app to test and give you the best possible results. They excel in making the right and cost effective strategy. It has become as easy as a pie to get a test case for your application and website.

Test case is important to track the performance of your website. After all it is the question of the prestige of your business.

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