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When was the last time you needed a massive number of test cases developed in a short period of time?

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Hard pressed for time? Do not have enough test resources? Want to optimize project budgets? Speak to us about your challenges - We help companies like yours.

Why Rely On Just Test Cases?

Increase Coverage

By making a massive amount of test cases available in a short period of time, a delivery team can attain better test coverage and more execution time - thereby getting sufficient testing done.

Scale Resources

We operate on a, "Use em, lose em," philosophy. Supplement current QA resources on a project, with additional skilled labour, only for the duration that they are needed. Once the test cases are built, the resources disappear.

Deliver to Project Timelines

Support & protect project/sprint timelines, by making all the test cases available when they are most needed – at execution.

Drive Better Quality

Drive value to software development teams and companies by translating efficiency to cost reduction. And through increased coverage, drive quality.

About Just Test Cases

We just build test cases

Just Test Cases is a Vancouver, Canada based startup, conceived and founded by a QA and QM professional of 20+ years.

Summing up all of the experience working with brands such as TD Canada Trust, CIBC, Loblaws, BCLC – and with organizations such as Accenture, Deloitte, IBM, Capgemini – Just Test cases is a solution to one very simple and effective problem area.

A project teams desire to have, more resources for a short period of time to have more test coverage – is the simple problem that we solve by just building test cases.

With our model, companies can save as much as 60% in test case development budgets.

Technologies we use:

About Just Test Cases
Our Approach

How do we add value to project teams?

We have developed a massive resource pool of qualified & experienced QA professionals, that develop a ginormous number of test cases in a short time frame. With resources in North America and in Asia, we truly work round the clock, performing requirement analysis and develop the ample coverage that projects need.

Our goal is to empower and equip our clients with all the coverage that they need, when they need it the most in a sprint.

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Our Approach
The Advantage

The Just Test Cases Advantage

  • Obtain better test coverage in a short period of time
  • Scale skilled resource, Use them only when you need them
  • Reduce Test Case Development Costs

Pricing Plans For Everyone

Do not pay for the hours we spend, pay for what you get - the delivered product.

Plan For Everyone
$ 5

per Testcase

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  • The team at Just Test Cases were quick to respond to my internal development teams need. They were quick to deploy and developed all the test cases that my agile team needed to keep their timelines & commitments.



  • I have a very small development team, and they test their own code. I wanted to provide a suite of professionally developed QA test cases, a gap that was difficult to fill with my developers. Just Test Cases has been the right service for my business.



  • You guys are absolutely wonderful. You understood my requirements, analyzed them to identify gaps. Created test cases to test regular functions but also the anomalies and gaps. You truly helped me put a better quality product out. Thank you guys!




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