Improving product quality through test conditional analysis
Role of Test Conditional Analysis in Product Quality

Test conditions are nothing but a mere set of conditions, a series of paths, that when executed either validate the accurate and successful implementation of a feature/function or identify a defect, flaw or bug. In traditional development styles, test conditions…

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Test Case design
Test Conditional Analysis

Requirements in any shape or form, be it Business Requirements, System, Technical, non-functional, user stories, use cases, or any other form that when presented to a development team, most often are gauged for their completeness and testability, amongst other things….

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QA Test Cases
What is a test case in Software Testing?

Developing a mobile application or a website is a prerequisite for a business these days. With the internet breaking all horizons, it is imperative to have your own website and mobile application to woo your clients. This helps to reach…

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